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Loyal readers of this blog (of which I am sure there are exactly zero) might have noticed that things are looking a little different since yesterday. That's because I've finally developed my own Pelican theme to the point that it's functional, and not too embaressing to look at.

It doesn't appear too different—it's certainly still inspired by the sample theme—but now I understand 95% of the code, instead of 5%. My goal was to simplify the template files and css to the point that I could customize just about anything with a minimum of work. I also attempted to maintain compatability with all of the configuration options supported by the default theme.

Not that I know why you would want to, but you can read and copy the content and configuration files on Github. The theme source code is there as well.

By putting everything up on Github I make development easy for myself, get a free, external backup, and give off an air of open-science superiority.

So please, fork my blog.