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Hello World!


This is mostly a test post and a chance to get some real content on my brand-new blog.

Inspired by C. Titus Brown's tireless pressure to make more graduate student clones of himself—and the fact that a pretty damn good domain name was still available—I started this website/blog over the weekend.

I hope that it will turn into a place for me to share my excitement and views on microbiology, microbial ecology, mathematical ecology, bioinformatics, python, (very) amateur software development, etc. But I will be satisfied if it turns out to just be writing practice. Heaven knows I need that.

In case you're curious, setup took me about 3 hours (plus some waiting for DNS updates). Largely, this is because I'm shamelessly mirroring Titus's well trafficked blog by using a nifty python application called Pelican. And at $15/year for the domain (using Hover1 as my registrar) and $35/year for hosting (tiny, shared server with A Small Orange2, I really had no financial excuse to not do this.

Wish me luck!


  1. DISCLOSURE: That's a referral link. I'll get $2 in credit each time one of you nerds signs up. 

  2. That, too, is a referral link. My handlers told me to also suggest that you use the coupon code 'FRIENDME' for 15% off.